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Recent Submissions

  • Breakdown 

    Goh, Gabriel Issac; Lim, Jonathan Wen Qiang; Yang, Matthew Jiefeng; Soh, Tiffany Hui Lin (2018)
    Breakdown is a 17-minute short film Final Year Project produced by Breakwater Pictures. The team is made up of Gabriel Isaac Goh, Lim Wen Qiang Jonathan, Matthew Yang Jiefeng and Soh Hui Lin Tiffany, four undergraduates ...
  • All the chilli In the world 

    Kang, Corrinne Kai Ying; Li, Xinzhuo; Loh, Pearly Jia Yu; Moo, Lee Min (2018)
    All The Chilli In The World (formerly titled Packing List) is a short film produced by gritty8 productions, a team of four students from Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Nanyang Technological University, ...
  • Call the shots : a health communication campaign encouraging young women to take charge of cervical cancer prevention by taking the HPV vaccination 

    Lim, Li Yi; Lim, Melissa Wei Chen; Poon, Hui Min; Tiong, Nerissa Wei Wen (2018)
    Call The Shots is a health campaign that encouraged young women to take the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination. Initiated by four final-year students from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Nanyang ...
  • Guardians of the night 

    Lukamto, Louis Rivers; Ng, Si Yuan; Oh, Gabriel Teck Bian; Sin, Clive Jia Kang (2018)
    This paper presents Guardians of the Night, a pioneering health communication campaign targeted at raising awareness about Paediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). Empowering parents of young children, aged 2 to 6, to ...
  • The Water Margin 

    Higgins, Olivia Dewi Cinta; Kent, Reginald James; Teo, Ashley; Tan, Rachel Chen Min (2018)
    The Water Margin (TWM) is a Science Fiction short film that delves into the life of a young man named Jonah Lee who uses experimental technology to recreate his deceased wife, Lilith, through cerebral manipulation. This ...
  • Autism matters : a pilot campaign to create a community of like-minded caregivers of persons with ASD 

    Chan, Ernest Kin Onn; Chua, Yan Ting; Sng, Kylie; Lim, Trisillia Xinlei (2018)
    Autism Matters is a pilot campaign that aimed to create a community of well-equipped familial caregivers of persons with autism in Singapore through a centralised support network. The challenges caregivers face are often ...
  • Living in chains 

    Kannan Vijakumar; Nur Humaira Sajat; Nurul Atikah Hasimen; Chia Cai Yun Nur Dariah K A (2018)
    Living in Chains is a short documentary film that centers around the banned practice in Indonesia known as pasung. Pasung refers to the practice of physical restraint or confinement upon a person deemed as mentally ill. ...
  • Right-cycling : remove, rinse, recycle 

    Aysha Muhammad Aimran Quek; Fatin Amira Hairy; Nadhirah Ismail; Neo, Jie Yao (2018)
    This paper presents Right-Cycling: Remove, Rinse, Recycle, a communication campaign that aims to increase knowledge and facilitate behaviour change in Primary 4 to Primary 6 students on contamination in recycling, initiated ...
  • Match made in Singapore 

    Loh, Pui Ying; Toh, Ting Wei; Wong, Cara Xin Ern (2018)
    Hushed phone calls, hasty Sunday picnics and secret trysts at budget hotels. Welcome to the world of clandestine migrant worker relationships. With the compulsory day off policy for foreign domestic workers introduced ...
  • Sex in our City 

    Ang, Hwee Min; Loo, Fabian Min Xuan; Ng, Abigail Wen Yi (2018)
    This project is a feature exploring sex and related concepts. We interviewed people from sex-related industries, communities and businesses to find out how they function in supposedly conservative Singapore. These include: ...
  • 你还记得我,妈? = Do you remember me, ma? 

    Chua, Jie Yee; Neo, Nicholine Wei Ling; Nurul Hudah Saharudin; Png, Yi Zhen (2018)
    Jun Kai, a 25-year-old aspiring actor, is preparing for a callback audition for a prominent film. His mother, Pei Ling, has early onset Alzheimer's disease. Preoccupied with acting, Jun Kai leaves Pei Ling completely ...
  • Grief expression in a postmodern era - motivations for posting grief-related messages publicly on social networking sites 

    Toh, Jun Ting (2018)
    Social networking sites (SNSs) have become a persistent presence in our daily lives. While many researchers have been interested in the motivations behind why users adopt different SNSs and for what purposes they have done ...
  • The standby collective : a communications campaign to encourage bystander intervention against sexual harassment on MRTs in Singapore 

    Ho, Xin Er; Chia, Lynn Jing Ying; Tan, Hilary Hsin Ying; Ng, Nowell Xin He (2018)
    The Standby Collective is the first communications campaign in Singapore aimed at encouraging bystander intervention against sexual harassment (SH) on the Mass Rapid Transport (MRT). Targeted at public transport commuters ...
  • A Toy Story 

    Tan, Adeline Pei Yi; Pang, Ariel Linn; Chong, Claudia Kar Mun; Ang, Jolene Zhuoling (2018)
    The first time we visited the Sunday toys flea market, one of our interviewees, a vendor, told us quite out-of-the-blue: “Every toy will find a home.” It stuck with us for a long time. Singapore might be a pragmatic ...
  • How To Adult 

    Foong, Eunice Mun Teng; Goh, Cheryl Yang Ling; Yak, Ivan Yong Han; Nazurah Binte Nazri (2018)
    This paper presents How To Adult, a campaign to help young Singaporean adults ease their transition into adulthood. Targeted at 21 to 27 year olds with less than three years of working experience, How To Adult sought to ...
  • Better 

    Lim, Feline Wan Qing (2018)
    Thee ubiquitous nature of gambling in Singapore is typical of most Asian societies, where cultural dominance is placed on the concepts of luck and fortune. There is no denying the presence of gambling, or its place in our ...
  • 新加坡的中文音乐市场 = Mandopop in Singapore 

    Chong, Yoke Ming (2018)
    An exploration of the current scene in Singapore's Mandopop industry and the challenges it faces
  • Effects of contradictory nutrition information on intention to change behaviour : the role of attitude extremity and attitude certainty 

    Tan, Hui Xin; Wong, Shi Hui (2018)
    This study examines the relationship between contradictory nutrition information and its effects on intention to change food consumption behaviours. Through a within-subjects, posttest only experimental study conducted ...

    Chow, Calvin Jia Ming (2018)
    CRATUS is a photojournalism project about a world-class Powerlifting athlete. Clinton Lee, who lives and trains in Singapore, is on his way to becoming the world’s best Powerlifter in his weight class. The project follows ...
  • Justatextaway - strengthening connections with the ones we love 

    Hong, Jacqueline Xin Yi; Tan, Daesia Minhue; Tan, Vivian Xiang June; Yeo, Wilson Zhiren (2018)
    JustATextAway is a social movement helmed by four final-year undergraduates from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Nanyang Technological University. Directed at Singaporean college and tertiary ...

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