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  • Beyond the veil 

    Heng, Mui Mei; Heng, Will Wei Chuan; Murhani Mohtar; Wan Khalisah Wan Kamaruddin (2019-05-14)
    Beneath the cover of their hijabs, Muslim women are often expressive in their hairstyles—a surprising contrast to their traditional image of conservatism and modesty. In this documentary, we explore the story of sisters ...
  • Bare 

    Koh, Ignatius Choon Jin; Kang, Lucas Han-Wei; Lee, Yi Jia; Loh, Martin Kong-Chien (2019-05-14)
    Through this film, we hope to open up conversations to get people to think more about their naked bodies, and to let them know that naturists are not the same as exhibitionists. Body positivity was also a common theme among ...
  • The New Paper Chase : changing perceptions of the polytechnic diploma 

    Muhammad Firdianshah Salimat; Valluvar, Revathi (2019-04-03)
    The New Paper Chase is a feature that looks into how perceptions of the diploma have changed with recent education policy changes and deep disruption in the Singapore economy. This package looks at why students are choosing ...
  • The knot 

    Neo, Shi Wei; Ang, Prisca Mei Ming April; Tan, Claudia Hsiao Shuen (2019-04-01)
    Marriages between citizens and foreigners make up almost a third of knots tied every year. The government in January said that these international marriages are successful, and that foreign spouses are adapting well to ...
  • Antibiotics : not your cold fix 

    Ravindaran, Clara; Puah, Dawn Xiang Yi; Tan, Kezia Kai Xin; Loh, Min Chyi (2019-04-01)
    This report presents ‘ Not Your Cold Fix’ , Singapore’s pioneering campaign addressing patients’ expectations for antibiotics for Upper Respiratory Tract Infections (URTIs) among parents of children aged between 0 to 12 ...
  • Balls' in Your Court : a health communication campaign encouraging young men to take charge of their health by practising testicular self-examination 

    Khong, Faith Qi; Koo, Fiona Kah Ling; Lee, Jermaine Hong Hui (2019-04-01)
    This paper presents Balls’ in Your Court, the first health communication campaign in Singapore that focuses on raising awareness about testicular cancer and Testicular Self- Examination (TSE). Initiated by three final-year ...
  • The safe seat : an NTU FYP health communication campaign encouraging the adoption of appropriate child restraints among parents 

    Ow, Gracia; Lai, Jue Hao; Quah, Jia Ling; Soo, Jalyn (2019-04-01)
    The Safe Seat is a health communication campaign by four undergraduates from Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Nanyang Technological University. Guided by the Theory of Planned Behaviour, the campaign ...
  • Nagging : does it work and what cost? 

    Chung, Abigail (2019-04-01)
    This qualitative interview study involving 31 individuals, 22 of which belong to parent-child dyads, investigates the effects of nagging, an understudied form of persuasion used in interpersonal relationships. Guided by ...
  • War after the war 

    Choy, Natalie Ching Mun; Khairul Anwar Mohd Mashren; Sim, Dewey Wei Chun (2019-04-01)
    War after the War​ is a journalism feature writing package that explores the long lasting effects of the Vietnam War in Quang Tri, a central Vietnamese province which saw one of the fiercest battles from November 1955 to ...
  • Pawnshop 

    Tan, Adora Shi Ying; Goh, Jia Ling; Lee, Yu En; Tan, Heng Ning (2019-04-01)
    There are over 230 pawnshops in Singapore – the same number of NTUC Fairprice supermarkets islandwide. As ubiquitous as pawnshops are in Singapore, many know little to nothing about the stories inside. Pawnshops hold tales ...
  • Effects of self-persuasion and referencing on attitudes towards smoking : a cross-cultural examination 

    Liu, Xuan Jim; Lee, Charmaine Jia Le; Muhammad Syafiq Muhammad Shahiddin; Lim, Kai Xing (2019-04-01)
    This study investigates the effectiveness of self-persuasion and referencing in reducing smokers’ favourable attitudes towards smoking. The study adopted a 2 (persuasion: self-persuasion vs direct persuasion) by 2 (referencing: ...
  • The halal wave 

    Anmol Khan Rai; Nur Nabillah Roslee; Norazreen Abd Haris; Zeng, Shiya (2019-04-01)
    Islam is set to be the largest religion globally in the next century, based on a study by Pew Research Center. With that, the number of Muslims are expected to reach 3 billion by 2060, creating a surge in demand for halal ...
  • “Anyone in their right mind wouldn’t create it” : online community formation through shitposting 

    Au, Tsi Ying; Loh, Dion Jia Sin; Ho, Yi En; Mok, Celine Wen Jun (2019-04-01)
    This exploratory study provides a structured understanding of shitposting and examines its role, form, and function in online community formation by focussing on Facebook’s largest closed shitposting group, Spongebob ...
  • Ray to go : a communication campaign to encourage proper UV protection habits in Singapore 

    Lim, Aurelia Ying Yi; Lim, Janice Qi Hui; Koh, Nicolette Hwee Xian; Tan, Lynnette Yiling (2019-04-01)
    Ray to Go is the first holistic UV protection campaign in Singapore that delves into an in-depth understanding of UV protection for both skin and eyes. It aims to educate women aged 25-35 to adopt proper, daily UV protection ...
  • Cloud kingdom 

    Choo, Kessa Hui Yi; Nur Nadhirah Afiqah Zakariah; Natasha Emir Achmad Emir; Ong, Wen Jing (2019-04-01)
    This report details our journey in producing our short documentary film Cloud Kingdom. It also aims to provide insights into our experience of filming the documentary. From initial conceptualisation, to pre-production ...
  • Venus, Mars and the Sun : gender differences in the persuasive efficacy of GIFs with positive and negative emotional valence on promoting sunscreen use 

    Lee, Bianca Ann; Lee, Lena Cheng Yeng; Liang, Tessa Su En; Ang, Zandra Rui Yi (2019-04-01)
    Guided by the Limited Capacity Model of Motivated Mediated Message Processing (LC4MP), this study explored the persuasive efficacy of Graphics Interchange Formats (GIFs) and the moderating effect of gender on visual format ...
  • You can't come back 

    Lee, Cheryl Xin Ying; Guan, Francis Yue; Wong, Shermane; Tay, Jun Wen (2019-04-01)
    You Can’t Come Back is a comedy film produced by Comic Sans Productions, as part of an undergraduate Final Year Project (FYP) in the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (WKWSCI), Nanyang Technological ...
  • Crazy pole dancing tattooed metalhead biking crossplaying Asians 

    Devi, Uma; Kang, Hillary Yu Ping (2019-03-29)
    Singapore is known for its glitz, glamour and billion dollar skyline, but there are great things to be found in Singapore beyond what the world sees on glossy magazines and CGI-ed screens. Not everyone in Singapore may be ...
  • Strike before stroke : let's take the first strike against stroke! 

    Wong, Christina See Kei; Lee, Si Yu; Shen, Fu Yang; Teo, Rui Ling (2019-03-29)
    This paper presents Strike Before Stroke, the first health communications campaign in Singapore that seeks to raise awareness of stroke among young adults aged 25 to 34. While stroke incidence among young adults is on the ...
  • Social media usage and the perception of immigrants in Singapore 

    Chia, Abigail Qi Hui; Sim, Jovy Sharelle Xin Hui; Ruan, Linbo (2019-03-29)
    The rise of anti-immigrant sentiments among Singaporeans is a potential threat to the nation’s social stability and economic growth. Social media platforms are rampant with hate speech and anti-immigrant content. This study ...

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