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  • Boys will be boys 

    Ho, Ann Li (2019-05-17)
    This report serves as documentation of the short narrative film 'BOYS WILL BE BOYS' from a film producer's perspective.
  • Producing 'ADAM' a short film 

    Wan Iskandar Wan Murni (2019-05-15)
    This report is on the documentation of Adam short film. It shares the stages of pre-production, to production and a little bit of the post-production and future plans.
  • The art of 'none' to 'nur' : meditating loss in relation to Islamic aesthetics and spirituality within mosque spaces in contemporary Singapore 

    Muhammad Noor Iskandar Othman (2018)
    Islamic art evolves across time and space as different communities embody varying veneers of the faith. This is reflected in the shifting architectural articulations of sacred spaces moving towards an arguably more ...
  • My daylight 

    Phua, Alicia Jie Yi (2018)
    As Louis Kahn once mentioned, “…we were born of light. The seasons are felt through light. We only know the world as it is evoked by light, and from this comes the thought that material is spent light. To me, natural light ...
  • For lorn 

    Hoo, Yan Han (2018)
    The subject of this Final Year Project (FYP) report will be the 2D animated short film, For Lorn. This film is about an astronaut who misses Earth, and the circumstances that allow her to return to it. It aims to be a ...
  • Seeking artistic transformation elsewhere : microresidencies with case studies from Yogyakarta and Bali, Indonesia 

    Tengku Kamiliah Tengku Bahdar (2018)
    This thesis explores the increasing importance and prominence of artist residencies in relation to broader developments in contemporary art practices that is characterised by an expansion into the field of culture. It ...
  • Linked 

    Huang, Heyao (2018)
    “Linked” is a short stop-motion animation done for Final Year Animation 2017/2018. The film is executed with stop motion as the main technique of animation. This project seeks to explore the relationship between social ...
  • Destiny's child: creating the perfect child through astrology 

    Nur Hasanah Affendi (2018)
    Singapore parents go to extreme lengths to ensure that their children will excel academically. They believe a child that does well academically will also be successful in their future, allowing them good jobs and be able ...
  • 'Water Book' sculptures 

    Tan, Pei Jing (2018)
    Focusing on the ‘Water Book’, my project investigates the meaning and the elements of the pictograms, and how these elements may be constructed. The ‘Water Book’ pictograms would reflect the Water clan’s way of life, values ...
  • 2400 

    Ang, Kai Lin (2018)
    Sports has been commonly mistaken as to be associated for just health or survival benefits, and also as a form of distraction to most who prize practicality. Sports should rather, be tied closely to many domains of life ...
  • Atelier of porcelain ghosts 

    Chan, Liying (2018)
    Atelier of Porcelain Ghosts is an illustrative experimentation that seeks to reimagine Japanese yōkai using stylistic elements from Chinese blue and white porcelain, or qing hua ci. Drawing from supernatural tales in ...
  • Resonance 

    Yang, Kaixin (2018)
    Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has become an increasingly important diagnostic modality. It provides clear imagery of human tissues that helps doctors make more accurate diagnoses without harming the patients. However, ...
  • Arranged Spaces 

    Poh, Janice Esther (2018)
    Traditional provision shops have been around Singapore for quite a long time. Recognised as a vanishing trade and essential to Singapore’s heartland heritage, National Heritage Board (NHB) has been led to commission a ...
  • Apart 

    Lee, Joel; Sadik Ismail; Lim, Ebenezer; Low, Leon; Sonya Nair (2018)
    The craft of filmmaking is one that is all encompassing, combining the narrative with visuals, dialogue, sound design and scoring; each department coming together to work as a team to bring to screen the words that make ...
  • 起立 = Class : please rise! 

    Lau, Sin Yee (2018)
    起立, Class: Please Rise! is a mobile game application for pre-schoolers who are about to enrol in Primary 1. Its aim is to enable students to have fun learning the Chinese language. It focuses on helping them remember ...
  • Apart : production design 

    Sadik Ismail (2018)
    Film speaks to us in the form of visuals. This visual language is captured by the world that is created within the frame that the lens of the camera captures. Herein lies the responsibility of the production designer; to ...
  • Datengeist 

    Naidu, Kapilan (2018)
    Datengeist is a digital artwork that challenges how we identify as private individuals in the 21st century. Pulling from real-time social media data sources, the work is a two-part system that exists both online and in the ...
  • A fleeting moment 

    Heng, Jeth Guan Seng (2018)
    A Fleeting Moment is a Final Year Thesis Film about two ex-lovers, entrapped by memories of a decade lost to them, meeting by chance in the town they met. Time seems to have stopped since then, allowing them a chance to ...
  • Six feet above group report 

    Goh, Ansen; Foong, John; Choy, Cliff (2018)
    Six Feet Above, is a science-fiction drama short film that explores the aftermath of a suicide, the role of technology and how it might potentially change the way people grieve.
  • Acid FYP report 

    Woo, Bao Xin (2018)
    This is a FYP report for graduation short film 'Acid'.

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