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  • Kembali ke pangkal jalan = Back to the right path : voicing out challenges faced by queer Malays in heteronormative spaces 

    Muhammad Iskandar Ruhaizat (2019)
    Queerness in Malay culture is nothing new; from the sida-sida — transgender palace guardians — to mak yong performers — a traditional northern peninsular Malay dance — queers have been a part of Malay society as intermediaries ...
  • Reduction of the self 

    Bahrul Anam Musta'ein (2019)
    ‘Reduction of The Self’ is an interactive narrative of the self circumscribed by the notion of social connections. Employing Irwin Altman’s onion analogy with the use of Russian nesting dolls, the artwork aims to peel ...
  • 潮。re-imagining Teochew culture 

    Low, Melissa Jia Min (2019)
    Singapore is a melting pot of different ethnic cultures that encompasses different groups of dialects. It is a multicultural city that is thriving with temples, mosques, and chapels. Growing up as a Chinese in Singapore , ...
  • Samsara : the beginning of an end 

    Xu, Clara Weilin (2019)
    "To surrender is not to lose, finish or give up, it accepts, acknowledges, embraces and becomes aware. It is only temporary, but most importantly is transformative and must start from the inside." Samsara - The Beginning ...
  • Progress 

    Cho, Justin Wei Li (2019)
    The Final-Year Project (FYP) documented in this report was a Live-action Visual Effects short film titled Progress. Progress was the first joint-collaboration between students of three ADM majors: Film, Animation and Visual ...
  • When the night falls : the paperwork persists 

    Andrew, Issabel Heather (2019)
    This report documents the producer's journey through the making of the short film 'When The Night Falls'. It covers the approach taken, challenges faced and reflections towards the pre-production, production and post-production ...
  • Underwater 

    Ong, Li Wen (2019)
    Underwater is a world-building project about a group of unlikely individuals finding out hidden truths about the place they call home. Set in a flooded post-apocalyptic world, the story is of the science-fiction, action ...
  • Forward/progress 

    Yoon, Nicholas Joo Kuang (2019)
    This essay describes in detail the processes behind the creation of the visual effects used in the 2019 ADM final year project film, Progress, written and directed by Alistair Quek.
  • Voices 

    Seth, Devanshi (2019)
    This report documents the making of 2D animated short film, 'Voices' from its conception to execution
  • Progress 

    Quak, Alistair Wei Chern; Tan, Jia Min; Tai, Leon Cheng Hao; Ow, Nicholas Josept Ying Jie (2019)
    Progress is a science-­fiction action genre short film produced as part of our final year thesis project. It pioneers a cross-­major collaboration for a single project; the team features 5 core team members from the ...
  • Kejiranan 

    Tan, Toby Xun Yi (2019)
    “Kejiranan” directly translates to “neighbourhood” in Singapore’s national language, Bahasa Melayu. This project aims to use basketball court murals as a tool to engage young Singaporeans about the toponymy of Singapore’s ...
  • Wonder deck : a design thinking workshop for primary school students living in public rental flats 

    Tan, Zhuo Hui (2019)
    Income inequality manifests itself in vastly different life experiences and opportunities. It results in educational inequality, where the amount of extra enrichment opportunities one has access to is dependent on the ...
  • Heritage exploration through urban exploration 

    Poh, Leon Ding Jie (2019)
    Prior research on geography provides evidence of a shift from traditional tourism to a form of anti-tourism, with a shift from participation in tour groups at government sanctioned sites to independent trips where explorers ...
  • Red : hilang gemilang 

    Nur Afiqah Mohd Khalid (2019)
    This paper aims to explore and reimagine the lives of actors and actresses following the end of the golden age of Malay Cinema in Singapore through an online interactive medium. This will be done through a mix of theoretical ...
  • Coda 

    Al-Azmir Ibrahim (2019)
    This essay showcases my learning journey as a cinematographer for my undergraduate thesis film, Coda. I will be covering the thought process of my pre-production phase which includes location scouting, shot list, storyboard, ...
  • Trepidation : the internal effects of external events 

    Makoto, Nicholas (2019)
    With worries and anxieties both past and present, Trepidation is an audio-visual glimpse into a portion of my mind; an exploration into my thoughts of the world around me and an introspective look at the often unclear roots ...
  • The making of boys will be boys 

    Mok, Shannen; Ho, Ann Li (2019)
    Boys Will Be Boys is a coming-of-age narrative film surrounding the themes of nostalgia through the eyes of schoolboy Thomas, as he navigates through the ideas of friendship and romance. This report serves as a documentation ...
  • Progress, and the magic of visual effects 

    Mohamed Ziyaad Mohd Siddique (2019)
    The Final-Year Project (FYP) documented in this report was a Live-action Visual Effects short film titled Progress. Progress was the first joint-collaboration between students of three ADM majors: Film, Animation and Visual ...
  • When the night falls : is when the editor starts 

    Liew, Elizabeth Faith Jia Hui (2019)
    When the Night Falls is an experimental short film that explores the emotional and psychological impact that divorce has on children of two young girls. 4-year-old Jasmine and 8-year-old Aster share a close sisterly bond. ...
  • In search of memory 

    Ngwe, Xian Tian (2019)
    In recent years, people have become increasingly unsatisfied with what they have. Caught up in the rat race, they find themselves not having time to reflect on their past, or to slow down and appreciate the beauty of the ...

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