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  • An insider's dilemma : the role of the dark triad in insider threats 

    Hiu, Stellar Jia Yun (2018-11-09)
    The Dark Triad personality traits have been implicated in numerous insider threat incidents, yet little empirical research was done to examine its role more thoroughly in this context. This paper seeks to address this gap ...
  • Investigation on overvaluation of shares in China 

    Choon, Alan Zhen Yu; Liang, Shihong; Xu, Boxiao (2018-11-07)
    This paper investigated the potential overvaluation of A shares in China through different pricing between A and H shares (A-H premium) of cross-listed firms in China. Plots and summary statistics show persistent and ...
  • Upgrades for votes : strategic use of public housing improvement programme in Singapore 

    Ngan, Edwina Ye Luan; Lee, Jin Yong; Yeo, Yu Ping (2018-11-07)
    Are HDB blocks in PAP-controlled constituencies more likely to receive upgrades than those in opposition-held ones? Does the vote share of the ruling party affect the likelihood of upgrades? To answer this question, we ...