dc.contributor.author陈凯欣 Tan, Teresa Kai Xin
dc.description.abstract歌台是新加破独有的草根文化。它是一种通俗文化表演,主要的观众群为中下阶层的华人社群。歌台从1942年开始出现后,经历了多方面的变化。歌台一开始的功能为娱乐观众,之后又增加一层宗教意义。歌台的历史主要分成两个阶段:首先是游艺场时期,其二则是街头表演时期。歌台文化在90年代末至2005年左右一度出现式微的现象。歌台被民众视为一种粗俗与老旧的文化,所以愈来愈少人追看歌台表演。直到2007年,一部以歌台为主题的电影《881》上映之后,从此观众对歌台改观。歌台业在接下来的几年也逐渐兴盛。近年来,歌台文化出现了新的局势,即歌台观众与表演者有年龄层下降的现象。为了吸引更多年轻人,歌台艺人也运用社交网络与观众互动。歌台的舞台设置也异于以前老旧的形式,转而利用先进化的设备让舞台演出更具现代感。此论文的重点论述陈子谦电影《881》对于新加坡歌台年轻化的推动以及歌台近年来年轻化的趋势。此外,本文也将阐述歌台的起源以及在历史上的演变过程。Getai, literally meaning “song stage” in Chinese, is a popular street show which has started since 1942. Through the years, the Getai performance has undergone many changes. In the past, Getai’s only function was to provide entertainment for the public. Thereafter, Getai also played a religious role. The Getai’s history is categorized into two eras: The first era was when Getai appeared in the amusement parks; the second era was when Getai became a form of street show. There was a decline in popularity during the late 90s and it was partly due to the perception of Getai among the people. Getai was seen as a boorish and passé culture. Thus, the Getai crowd decreased immensely. It was only until 2007 when a local Getai-themed film, named “881” appeared in theatres and caused a change in the people’s perception of Getai. Since then, the Getai industry started to flourish in Singapore. In recent years, a decrease in the age group of Getai’s audience and performers was observed. Getai performers started to make use of social networking sites to engage younger audience. Previously crude and simple stage settings were replaced with professional audio and lighting systems to produce a high quality performance. Such changes over the last few years have proved the signs of the rejuvenating trends in Getai’s culture. This thesis paper attempts to provide a detailed description of the history of Getai and its changes through the years. It will discuss the representation of Getai in the film “881” and how it has led to the increasing popularity of Getai. Following this, this paper will also conduct a research on the rejuvenating trends in present Getai’s culture.en_US
dc.format.extent53 p.en_US
dc.rightsNanyang Technological University
dc.subjectDRNTU::Social sciencesen_US
dc.title新加坡歌台年轻化现象探析 = A study of the rejuvenating trends in Singapore's getai cultureen_US
dc.typeFinal Year Project (FYP)en_US
dc.contributor.supervisorQuah Sy Renen_US
dc.contributor.schoolSchool of Humanities and Social Sciencesen_US
dc.description.degreeBachelor of Artsen_US

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