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  • Modelling and analysis of three phase inverter with LCL filter 

    Mohamed Jameel Habib Mohamed (2018)
    Filters have been used in inverters since early ages to suppress the harmonics that occur in output waveforms. This project aims to study the effects of various filters on the inverter. The standard of output is very ...
  • Incorporating thermoelectric effect into solar energy 

    Ang, Xin Fang (2018)
    Our supply of natural resources continues to plummet as the growing global populations reach an all-time high in the 21st century, and with the rise in demand for everything fundamental to human survival and development, ...
  • Infographic visualization 

    Tey, Xue Yi (2018)
    Basic charts and tables are important when illustrating data, they enable users to easily visualise data, making it easier for them read and analyse data. This effectively guides users to a concluding statement. Compared ...
  • Deep learning-based speech recognition system for data-scarce language: a feasibility study for a call centre 

    Muhammad Rais Fawwazi (2018)
    To improve customer experience, businesses need a deeper understanding of their customers. Customer service call centres gather personalised information about customers, and hence help us to gain this understanding. However, ...
  • Pedestrian detection for video surveillance 

    Teo, Amalina (2018)
    In computer vision one of the basic challenges would be object recognition. Objects can vary in many ways and differ in categories hence it would difficult to segregate the images thoroughly. Image recognition like ...
  • Stock selection via FA and TA in the semiconductor industry SGX 

    Ho, Andrea (2018)
    The stock exchange SGX offers many different industry stocks that are for sale to the public. The main issue is how do we decide what kind and which stocks will rake in the highest returns for the investors. Before making ...
  • Portable direction finder 

    Wong, Cheong Mun (2018)
    Since the Second World War, direction finder was introduced and used in application in military operations to locate transmitters in areas such as land, air and sea. As the years passes, different types of direction finder ...
  • Security enhancements for networks in smart grid systems 

    Subramanian Iyer, Aishwarya (2018)
    Since the past decade, Smart Grid technology has seen an exponential increase. Smart grid is an intelligent power network which is built to supply power and manage power consumption in a reliable and efficient manner. ...
  • Development of optical flow based velocity estimation system for UAV 

    Chan, Edene Keng Tat (2018)
    Optical flow research is a popular field of study in today’s technological age. With the vast improvements in image capturing capabilities and processing power, optical flow has been adopted in applications such as autonomous ...
  • Rectifier condition monitoring for brushless synchronous generators 

    Wong, Wee Kian (2018)
    Brushless Synchronous Generators (BLSG) are widely used in the industry, being one of the most commonly used machinery, they are likely prompt to failures and faults. BLSG failures can be caused by both mechanical and ...
  • Denoising ECG signals 

    Oh, Melissa Kai Zhen (2018)
    Extraction of fetal Electrocardiogram (ECG) signal has always been a problem, due to the fetal heart being small, the electric current it generates is rather low causing it to have a low signal-noise ratio as compared to ...
  • Experimental study of AlGaN/GaN HEMT based devicesfor gas sensing applications 

    Jahan, Fina (2018)
    In recent times, gas sensing applications have seen an increased demand in both manufacturing industries and research studies. This project aims to study high electron mobility transistors (HEMT) and their abilities, as ...
  • Foreign exchange prediction and trading using deep belief neural network 

    Muhammad Bin Mustaffa (2018)
    This project would provide an analysis on the deep belief network (DBN). A DBN would be constructed by stacking layers of restricted Boltzmann machines (RBM), and its learning process will be optimized by various optimization ...
  • Implementation of information hiding at physical layer of wireless communication 

    Li, Shuliang (2018)
    Wireless communication plays a very important role in our daily life. Due to its vulnerability in resisting security attacks, it is extremely critical to ensure security when transmitting confidential data. The system must ...
  • Machine learning for machine health monitoring in IoT 

    Chen, Wei Jie (2018)
    Maintenance has always been an integral part of today’s world. Constant breakage of machines with subsequent repairs have proven to be a huge toll economically. The evolution of maintenance has been present since many ...
  • Design and implementation of a 5.2 GHz energy harvester 

    Ting, Guan Hao (2018)
    The frequent usage of RF leads to it being a readily available source of energy. An energy harvester is a device that generates electric energy from its surroundings. In this report, the Dickson charge pump topology is ...
  • Development of a human-robot interaction system 

    Man, Pui Suen (2018)
    In the past few decades, industrial robots have been increasingly and rapidly populating many industries. With today’s advancements in technology, it is almost certain that robotics will be gradually taking over various ...
  • Indoor visible light positioning system based differential phase shift method for various applications 

    Lim, Wei Ping (2018)
    Researches on the visible light indoor positioning are mainly driven by two reasons, one is the gap of indoor positioning, another is the rising of Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) techniques. For outdoor positioning, Global Positioning ...
  • Data-driven analysis of the correlation between traffic accidents and rainfall 

    Tan, Chong Wei (2018)
    This project aims at studying the impact of rainfall on the overall traffic flow. We are particularly interested to analyse the correlation between occurrence of traffic incidents with the occurrence of rain. Moreover, we ...
  • Where are the seeds going? 

    Li, Xu (2018)
    Many plants in rainforests have their seeds dispersed by animals droppings in order to multiply. The seeds often travel far from the parent plant, and there is no reliable way of determining the whereabouts after the fruit ...

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