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  • A multimedia transcription system 

    Nguyen, Huy Anh (2018-01-02)
    With the advent of computing, a huge amount of data is being created everyday. Most of the dataare unstructured or semi-structured, and needs to be processed in order to derive meaning. For multimedia data (audio and video), ...
  • Smart phone based advertising application 

    Kumaravelu, Leena (2017-12-18)
    This project focuses on developing a smart phone based advertising application that aim to facilitate shoppers with a more enhanced customer’s experience during their shopping trips. The application will allow shoppers to ...
  • Real-time face recognition 

    Lee, Jia Qi (2017-12-18)
    Face detection and recognition is currently a hot area of research that makes use of the fundamental knowledge from computer vision, image processing and pattern recognition. In the market, there is an increasing number ...
  • Sphero robot controlled by using brain computer interface offline 

    Sun, Yaxiong (2017-12-15)
    Communication is an important part in human life, it supports and help with human development. However, diseases can take away communication skill of a person. Without being able to communicate properly, the person will ...
  • Energy detection based spectrum sensing 

    Quek, Aubrey Ting (2017-12-13)
    Wireless communication forms the bulk of today’s communication between humans to humans, humans to machine, and machine to machine interaction. As technology advances, the reliance on wireless technology increase to ...
  • Development of a Person-centred care system for dementia patients (Android PEAR app) 

    Goh, Pei Shan (2017-12-13)
    The synergy of the Person-centred Care (PCC) approach and technology can potentially push the boundaries of traditional caregiving, alleviate the stress on caregivers, re-examine the inclinations of dementia patients, and ...
  • Human-computer interactions for systems identification of gene regulatory networks 

    Tan, Tian Wen (2017-12-13)
    With technology so advanced these days, there is an increasing trend of a desire to make use of technology to understand and gain knowledge. This thirst for knowledge is greatly supported by humans’ curiosity in finding ...
  • Smart navigation at car parking lot 

    Chua, Mcvie Qihe (2017-12-13)
    Car owners in Singapore tends to have issues remembering and locating their vehicles parking location in huge and confusing carparks. This is due to carparks having similar exits, confusing layout, lack of indication on ...
  • Visible light communication with smartphone (Android phone) 

    Toh, Geraldine Ling Li (2017-12-13)
    LED light are getting popular nowadays and they can be programmed to send out message. However, currently there is no application that is able to use an android phone to read and decode the message from the LED light source. ...
  • Electricity price forecasting using ensemble neural networks 

    Nainan, Abhay George (2017-12-12)
    Computational Intelligence models are the newest family of models to tackle the research problem of Electricity Price Forecasting (EPF). This family of models consists of feed-forward, recurrent(RNN), and fuzzy neural ...
  • Optimization for efficient data communication in distributed machine training system 

    Gan, Hsien Yan (2017-12-12)
    The rising trend of deep learning causes the complexity and scale of machine learning to increase exponentially. But, the complexity is limited by hardware processing speed. To solve the issue, there are a few machine ...
  • Traffic speed estimation based on multimodal data fusion and graph analytics 

    Lee, Yvonne Pei Ying (2017-12-12)
    Public bus transportation plays a significant part in Singaporeans’ daily commuting lives. Thus, it is important to ensure that the service quality (e.g. bus travel time and frequency) of bus trips are maintained at the ...
  • SCE 16-0519 A demonstration for influence maximization over graph 

    Goh, Shao Peng (2017-12-12)
    This report introduces the final year project of visualisation of simulated social networking influence spread, conducted by Goh Shao Peng using Java (Eclipse), Gephi graph visualisation platform, and Sigma.js as a cross ...
  • Tools for analysis of large-scale networks (II) algorithms, analytics and visualization 

    Chua, Wee Hang (2017-12-12)
    Twitter has been one of the most used social media in the world. People are using them widely be it “stalking” their idols who post tweets regularly on twitter or reading tweets that are currently hyping the world. However, ...
  • SAFIN(FRIE)++ Type-I online Mandami fuzzy inference system with application in option trading 

    Vo Duy Tung (2017-12-12)
    Fuzzy neural networks are often used to handle dynamic data stream in the financial market. However, unlike stock data that is updated every tick, option data is often sparse in nature. To handle the sparsity in data set, ...
  • Visible light communication with smartphone (iPhone) 

    Tan, Cherry Wanyi (2017-12-12)
    As of current, the latest Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology opens up a wide area for new applications, new technical possibilities at a reduced cost. Conventional lighting infrastructure such as the fluorescent light ...
  • A stereoscopic 3D first-person-view remote driven robotic vehicle system 

    Gan, Ming De (2017-12-12)
    The report presents the final year project to design and develop a stereoscopic 3D first-person-view remote driven robotic vehicle system that can be controlled and accessed through real-time communication. The robotics ...
  • Quay crane scheduling in container terminals 

    Chan, Samson Yan Liang (2017-12-12)
    In this report, a heuristic quay crane scheduling algorithm is designed to tackle the problem of determining the best allocation of quay cranes to bays of a particular container ship. Each bay consists of a number of jobs ...
  • Ship detection in videos 

    Muhammad Mukhtar (2017-12-12)
    Computer vision can be used in maritime environment to assist in ship navigation and may lead to reduction in maritime accidents. In this project, improvements were made to an existing ship detection and tracking prototype ...
  • Accelerating binary-matrix multiplication on FPGA 

    Liwongan, Ricardo Jack (2017-12-11)
    Matrix multiplication is required for a wide variety of applications, including data mining, linear algebra, graph transformations, etc. Most of the existing works to accelerate matrix multiplication have focused on matrices ...

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