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  • Face recognition based attendance system 

    Mok, Wen Jun (2018-12-13)
    Face recognition systems have gained a considerable amount of attention as they can be used in many different applications. Applications where such systems are used include those for identification purposes in airports, ...
  • Course knowledge and feedback notification 

    Wong, Yun Hong (2018-12-13)
    The project is to design and build an active knowledge base to serve as a learning platform for students. Face to face communication to clear doubts are far lesser these days due to growing interest in ease of communication ...
  • Game development toolkit design and implementation 

    Ang, James Wei Sheng (2018-12-11)
    Games has been commonly known for their fun and entertaining value. However, game can be use for education as well. Hence, the term serious game came about. More importantly, game was known for academic tool back in ...
  • Escape game design and implementation - I 

    Ng, Jamie Min Er (2018-12-11)
    Escape room games have is an emerging industry, it has been steadily gaining popularity. Escape room games involves a combination of puzzles with immersive storytelling to pull the player/s in to the game. The escape ...
  • Robotic assistance for healthcare 

    Tan, Calvin Wei Siang (2018-12-07)
    Singapore is currently facing an aging population, and with it, the need for health assistance will become a greater concern [1]. Health assistance like medication intakes and subsequent follow-up care are vital to an ...
  • Serious game for learning and adaption of first aid 

    Chua, Bryan Jianbin (2018-12-07)
    The dangers of cardiac arrest in Singapore are no laughing matter; it usually strikes without any warning and in the most unexpected of situations. Furthermore, when sudden cardiac arrest strikes, it is often fatal. In ...
  • Best food finder : your decision-maker 

    Yeo, Swee Kheng (2018-12-07)
    The application created is to provide users the ability to understand, determine and distinguish the importance of options and availability of food places within the selected area of interest. The application will recommend ...
  • Paint-your-mind : image creation for non-artists 

    Fang, Ran (2018-12-07)
    Drawing or painting traditionally requires artistic skills and expertise – be it digital art or art forms of other mediums. People who have not been formally trained in this field may face difficulties when trying to ...
  • Enhancing user experience for cervical spine analysis application 

    Susanto, Jason (2018-12-07)
    In the last decade, there are many new applications and technologies developed for medical assessment, therapy and rehabilitation. The user experience on these systems are often overlooked whereas a good user experience ...
  • Data-driven environment protection with react native (iOS and Android) implementation 

    Xiong, Hengjie (2018-12-06)
    In modern era, urbanization is taking place at an unprecedented scale and the process is irreversible. It has imposed various adverse impacts on different social aspects, and one very important consequence of this process ...
  • Escape game design and implementation 

    Lei, Ming (2018-12-06)
    The objective of this Final Year Project (FYP) is to design and develop an escape game where players need to figure out the dependencies and complete the games in the correct sequences to escape the virtual room. The virtual ...
  • Stock trading system using fuzzy candlesticks and reinforcement learning 

    Lee, Wen Chong (2018-12-03)
    One commonly used technical analysis is the candlestick charts. By studying historical stock data in candlestick charts, experts hypothesize and propose patterns that can predict price trends ahead. Inspired by this ...
  • Risk adaptive trading using technical indicators and exponential decay 

    Kwek, Jing Yang (2018-12-03)
    Risk taking behaviours perform much better than risk averse behaviours in rising market conditions, while the inverse is true in falling market conditions. Applying on the stock market, these behaviours can be modelled ...
  • Cryptographic game on Xilinx Zynq Board 

    Neo, Boon Kiat (2018-11-29)
    The demand across all industries for increased computer security is growing, and cryptography is a subcategory within the career field of information security. Cryptologists employ codes to protect private or classified ...
  • Location based mobile alerting system 

    Chan, Jia Hui (2018-11-29)
    Cardiovascular disease is a major area of concern for many countries around the world. Patients with cardiovascular disease are often encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle while paying close attention to their heart rate. ...
  • Design and development of active learning for large classes 

    Tan, Jun Xiang (2018-11-29)
    Designing an active learning approach for a large group of students requires understanding if students would like to learn and interact with professors having a two-way communication compared to conventional lectures where ...
  • Mining mobile apps for anomalies 

    Seow, Wei Yang (2018-11-27)
    There is no doubt that mobile applications play a huge role in our lives today, just in 2017 alone, there have been 178.1 billion mobile application downloads. [1] With our reliance on mobile applications, security of these ...
  • Optimizing Android smartphone’s user experience and power efficiency through governor and scheduler customization 

    Koh, Nicholas Ming Xuan (2018-11-22)
    User experience refers to the overall experience a user gains from a system usage. The system can be a website, machine, software or a service. To ensure user satisfaction, user experience is often placed at a high priority ...
  • Deep learning architectures for speech recognition 

    Yong, Jia Jie (2018-11-22)
    Choosing which deep learning architecture to perform speech recognition can be laborious. Additionally, improving the performance of a given architecture can require a lot of experimentation. The purpose of this project ...
  • Robotic assistance for healthcare 

    Farihah Omar (2018-11-22)
    MYRA (MY Robot Assistant) is a prototype of a robot system that can help assist patients, focusing mainly on the elderly. It also includes a mobile app platform for the caregiver to monitor the patient remotely. The robot ...

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