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  • Cyber security of long-range wide-area network (part I) 

    Tay, Eileen Hui Lian (2018-10-22)
    Long-Range (LoRa) wireless Wide Area Network is increasingly gaining attention in the world of Internet of Things. One such commercial off-the-shelf technology from Semtech is called LoRaWAN. Its wireless broadcasting ...
  • Industrial attachment report with United Overseas Bank 

    Beh, Bo Xiang (2018-09-17)
    The purpose of this report is to illustrate the author’s 20-week of Professional Internship (PI) experience at United Overseas Bank (UOB). The PI form part of the requirement in the Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science) ...
  • Big data visualization for Internet of things (IoT) 

    Wong, Sin Kwan (2018)
    The goal of Big Data Visualization is to present the hidden insight from a data set in a format which allows human to understand it faster. The objective of this case study is to understand how will the overall water quality ...
  • Trading with self-adaptive fuzzy inference system 

    Chew, Yao Kang (2018)
    The need to constantly predict stocks and making accurate decisions based on past experience of the ever-changing market has never been an easy task even for experienced traders. It is very time consuming to study historical ...
  • Recommendation of who-to-follow and what-to-buy 

    Prasetya, Steve Alexander (2018)
    The advancement of technology occurs so fast that it is often difficult to keep up with. This phenomenon affects a lot of things, and one of them is the e-commerce industry. With the rapidly growing user base of the industry, ...
  • Co-resident attack on public cloud infrastructures 

    Toh, Jabrian Yuzhou (2018)
    With the demand of resources constantly growing, cloud service providers such as Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure allowed clients to run Virtual Machines (VMs) on a shared physical infrastructure. While the use of multi-tenancy ...
  • SCE17-0185: STIX representation of cyber threat intelligence 

    Phua, Kin Wee (2018-06-07)
    In Cybersecurity operation, it is an important task to share Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI). In order to facilitate CTI sharing, we need to have a flexible representation for these information. To allow organizations to ...
  • WIthbuddy : virtual study group 

    Sujono, Edward (2018-06-06)
    Nowadays, online course is prevalently accessed by students since there is a need to upgrade their skill sets with the current skill trends. A skill that is developed using an online course would usually be able to help ...
  • MACD-RSI trading system using neuro-fuzzy system 

    Lee, Chun Kiat (2018-06-04)
    Neuro-Fuzzy Systems are made up of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and Fuzzy Logic which is used in many applications such as predicting trends in stock markets, artificial ventilation modeling, noisy speech recognition ...
  • Brain control embedded system applications 

    Tan, Mitchell Jia Jun (2018-06-04)
    Electroencephalography (EEG) was originally used for medical purposes by examining the brain’s electrical activity. However over the recent years, companies like Neurosky, Interaxon and Emotiv have been introducing their ...
  • Design of a RPi based attendance/ response-ware system 

    Wang, Hui (2018-05-31)
    Technologies such as audience response system (ARS), also known as “Clickers”, have been used to facilitate greater student engagement within a variety of educational settings, especially, in NTU. However, numerous technical ...
  • Design and implementation of intelligent question & answering system 

    Lau, Yi Hong (2018-05-28)
    The objective of this final year project is to develop and design an Intelligent Question and Answer System which targets Student as it user. Our system will be named as NTUAsk. It is an engaging, interactive and simple ...
  • UAV air traffic control system - subsystem 1 

    Tay, Chengwei (2018-05-28)
    The unmanned aerial vehicle as the term suggests, is an aircraft that does not have any pilot controlling it on board. It can be remotely controlled by an operator, usually a ground-based controller, or fly autonomously ...
  • Sleep monitoring using smart phone 

    Chua, Jie Yong (2018-05-28)
    Illnesses have been found to have a great link to our sleep. Lack of sleep can be seen in both causing illness and the cause of the illness. Or study found that there have been a link in the amount of movement in our sleep ...
  • UAV air traffic control system - subsystem 

    Aw, Jason Chieh Liang (2018-05-25)
    An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV), commonly named as Drones, is a plane without a human pilot onboard. UAV includes an Unmanned Aircraft System, Ground-Based Controller, and a communication system between the two. It can ...
  • Low power motion tracking wireless node for IoT applications 

    Wijaya, Davin (2018-05-25)
    Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most ground-breaking forms of technology in the modern era. Embedded systems allow engineers to augment daily life objects through the use of microcontrollers and microprocessors. The ...
  • A comparative study of two microscopic road traffic simulators 

    Ng, Zi Peng (2018-05-24)
    In many urban areas, the daily lives of people revolve around traveling a long distance from one destination to another. To support such mobility many urban areas in the different country employed an extensive use of private ...
  • Recommendation of what-to-buy 

    Huang, Wanyi (2018-05-24)
    Recommender systems has always been a hot research topic due to its prevalent usage in the ever-blooming e-commerce business. The exponential growth of available choices in e-commerce websites has brought about the information ...
  • Solving real world security problems : hacking and protection (2) 

    Tan, Joshua Jun Ming (2018-05-24)
    Researchers are always looking for better ways to improve their vulnerabilities detection and analysis workflow. A way of improving static and dynamic analysis is explored here: to build highly contextualized databases of ...
  • Mining evolutionary network of influenza viruses: pipeline for co-mutational analysis of influenza viruses' sequences 

    Lim, Chun Wei (2018-05-23)
    Influenza is a persistent threat to humans, resulting in millions of cases of severe illnesses and about 250,000 to 500,000 deaths. Consequently, it also causes tremendous economic losses as vaccines are produced yearly ...

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