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  • Visualization of 3D neuron 

    Ganesan Vishalini (2019)
    This project designs a program that can reconstruct a 3D structure of a neuron based on the data extracted from a SWC file and encodes the 3D structure in POV-Ray format for visualization. The objective was to create a ...
  • Person-centred care for dementia patients (backend system) 

    Soh, Mindy Xi Lin (2019)
    Dementia is a cognitive disorder that not only impairs one’s ability to think, reason and judge, it also interferes with the person’s ability to perform everyday tasks [1]. According to Channel News Asia, an estimation of ...
  • Mobile app to play team-building games 

    Liao, Qian Ping (2019)
    In recent decades, corporate organisations are leaning towards establishing a team-oriented work structure and culture. These organisations have also realised that poor communication between employees in the team can lead ...
  • Mobile exergaming 

    Leo, Ming Long (2019)
    The goal of this project is to design a mobile application that aims to promote exercise through gaming. By exploring the use of the camera in smartphones integrated with the computational capabilities of the OpenCV Computer ...
  • Keyword and named entity recognition on air traffic control (ATC) data 

    Thia, Jeremy Ming Xuan (2019)
    This project will explore several NLP tasks to perform named entity recognition on Air Traffic Control data, to be specific Air Traffic conversations. We will use a Bi-LSTM-CNN-CRF based custom named entity system to detect ...
  • School ambassador chatbot based on Google voice AIY kit 

    Chang, Aaron Keat Lueng (2019)
    With the modern world diving into advancements in virtual assistants, popular personal assistant like Google Assistant, Cortana, Siri and Alexa are starting to become regular household names as more people in society start ...
  • Deep image inpainting 

    Chua, Hao Yang (2019)
    Over the years, many techniques have emerged to reconstruct and modify images for a myriad of applications. One ingenious application is image inpainting, which is to restore the missing parts of an image. The latest ...
  • Person-centre care for dementia patients (back-end system development) 

    Ho, Jun Yi (2019)
    Dementia is one of the greatest global challenges for health and social care in the 21st century. It has been projected that the number of patients diagnosed with dementia will reach 152 million in 2050. This number is 3 ...
  • AI for biological images 

    Lim, Benjamin Kian Kuan (2019)
    Advancement in technology within the last decade has led to the rapid development in the field of biological science. High-throughput of roughly 100,000 microscopic images can be yielded daily, through a motorized microscope ...
  • Person-centered care for dementia patients (front end Andriod app) 

    Chew, Jia Hui (2019)
    Singapore has one of the fastest-ageing population in the Asia-Pacific region and the amount are expected to be double by 2030 of people living with dementia in Singapore [1]. In recent years there is a growing number of ...
  • An augmented virtuality approach to 3D teleconferencing 

    Peh, Zhi Xuan (2019)
    Teleconferencing has made tremendous progress since it was first introduced. From audio conferencing by having a simple three-way call, it has progressed to include video conferencing and web conferencing due to the ...
  • Measurements, analyses, and insights on the entire ethereum blockchain network 

    Lee, Xi Tong (2019)
    Blockchain has become increasingly popular with the prevalence of cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications. In this project, interactions in Ethereum’s blockchain will be analysed. Ethereum is a distributed public ...
  • Medical image processing 

    Chen, Guanyu (2019)
    Medical image processing techniques help make important decisions in disease diagnosis and prescription of medical treatment in various clinical settings. When used in conjunction with medical professionals, such techniques ...
  • Development of an educational web application using blockchain 

    Soh, Guo Chen (2019)
    Blockchain technology is utilized in many fields in the industry due to its unique characteristics. The blockchain design is an innovative invention as it changes the way we store data and allow us to build our application ...
  • Autonomous controller for unmanned aerial vehicle 

    Tan, Beng Yew (2019)
    The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is one of the technologies that is constantly evolving in order to be implemented for more applications. In the past, it is only used for military application for combat purposes, where ...
  • Designing a location-aware blockchain distributed ledger 

    Yeo, Norman Guo Kuan (2019)
    The process and cost of trading is heavily burdened by paper administration and process [1]. According to the Ministry of Communications and Information (Singapore), the added cost is about 20 per cent [1]. This can be ...
  • Robust super-resolution image generation 

    Fatin Nazurah Roslan (2019)
    Since the beginning of the 1960s, different techniques of digital image processing were developed. Improving and evolving these technologies over the years have been done. Super-Resolution reconstruction was introduced to ...
  • Multiple object tracking with head detection 

    Xu, Yimin (2019)
    As the development and flourishing of object detection, the tracking-by-detection method has been popular and well-studied. The tracking-by-detection method has been an effective and reliable way to track either a single ...
  • Analysis of fraud and money laundering in cryptocurrency 

    Chiam, Dao Wei (2019)
    The emergence of cryptocurrency and its blockchain technology has seen great progress and more widespread acknowledgment of its value as a digital currency. Cryptocurrency invites more criminals to carry out their illicit ...
  • Mobile-Web System for friends recommendation in NTU 

    Chang, Jun Hao (2019)
    Social media plays a big part in most people’s life for people to mingle and get to know each other over the internet. Social media application that specialise in letting user to get to find and associate with new people ...

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