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  • An interactive web demo for various cipher mode operations 

    Muhammad Hanif Abd Latif (2019-06-11)
    The objective of this project is to build an interactive web-based application to cater for various block ciphers. The focus is also to study the algorithms, modes and to provide a learning tool or application for ...
  • Raspberry Pi - based Alexa System 

    Nurul Khairiah Abdul Kadir (2019-06-10)
    Spurred by the advancement of artificial intelligence and natural language processing, virtual assistants such as Google Assistant and Alexa are becoming widely available. Despite the popularity of virtual assistants, ...
  • Person-centred care for dementia patients (front end Android app) 

    Yeo, Yai Wen (2019-06-07)
    Dementia is an ailment that impairs the reasoning, memory, and daily social interaction of an individual. The issue of dementia is paramount worldwide especially for an ageing population such as Singapore. Caregivers often ...
  • Survey of cyber insurance products 

    Ng, Wan Qing (2019-06-07)
    This project proposed a cyber insurance recommender system leveraging on content-based filtering technique. User’s preference was used to calculate a score for all cyber insurance products stored in the database. Ranking ...
  • Robot exploration using computer vision 

    Manese, Mark Lorenze Tulio (2019-06-06)
    The marrying of robotics, automation and computer vision have become a major advancement in technology for the many robots that we see today and the future to come. Such as the well-known Curiosity Rover designed by NASA ...
  • Interactive gesture-based music on a mobile phone 

    Ng, Joseph Heng Qi (2019-06-06)
    This project is concerned with using hand gestures to produce musical sounds, using a mobile phone and its camera functionality. As such, the end goal involves the user being able to, with the aid of additional props, ...
  • Deep learning approach for detection of melanoma from skin lesion images 

    Ku, Hui Sien (2019-06-06)
    Melanoma is a skin cancer type that results in the highest mortality and is increasingly aggressive to affect human health. Early diagnosis and detection of melanoma is crucial to lower its fatality. Since 1990s, many ...
  • A web-based mathematical question crowd-sourcing platform 

    Wu, Zhenghao (2019-05-28)
    To improve the mathematical capabilities of the university students, several math document retrieval systems are in place to allow users to search for math questions. Some of them are even able to generate practice papers ...
  • A survey of cybersecurity laws and a web-based visualization system of survey results 

    Lim, Cedric (2019-05-28)
    This Final Year Report analyses and reviews the current state of cybersecurity laws and which laws are important to the maintenance of a strong cybersecurity environment. To achieve this, we have identified important ...
  • Deep learning of human brain activation 

    Chan, Yi Hao (2019-05-28)
    It has been shown that deep neural networks can be trained to perform classification tasks on neuroimaging data. However, past studies typically use the entire set of features to train without knowing whether they are ...
  • Bridging the gaps between jobs and skill courses 

    Zheng, Johnathan Jiequn (2019-05-27)
    The project focuses on bulk collecting the advertised job and skill course data online and finding ways to convert and store these raw data in structured data sets. Devising an algorithm to establish relevance between the ...
  • Visualization of graph databases on mobile clients 

    Shine, Htet Aung (2019-05-24)
    With the rise in popularity of social media and interconnected of data between multiple faceted software, visualizing datasets and extracting useful patterns from them have become increasingly important to stay ahead of ...
  • Make computational thinking course full of fun 

    Tan, Jin Ting (2019-05-24)
    In recent years, the popularity of Computing course has increased, and more students from different backgrounds are trying to learn the subject. As programming is usually very technical and complex, it might be difficult ...
  • A classifier for herbal supplements and proprietary medicines with multilingual descriptions 

    Yang, Can (2019-05-24)
    Herbal supplements and proprietary medicines of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), have been receiving wide attention from the public because of their perceived unique effects on chronic and consumptive diseases. They ...
  • Opinion based intelligent recommender system 

    Adjikusuma, Sentosa (2019-05-23)
    Recommender system (RS) is one of area of machine learning research. Building an accurate and useful RS has become important for both research and commercial field. One of the most recurrent problem in RS is data sparsity. ...
  • Proof-of-concept blockchain application for P2P messaging service 

    Goh, Jun Jie (2019-05-22)
    Blockchain applications provide immutability and security without dependencies from third party. Leveraging on the use of peer-to-peer network, it allows for decentralization of information storage within the network. ...
  • Blockchain for mobile application 

    Lok, Daren Wei Ren (2019-05-22)
    Blockchain technology has recently been introduced and has gained extensive popularity in introducing a new perspective to data security, reliability and transparency. It enables us to exchange any form of information, ...
  • Ethereum identity management system 

    Ong, Jing Jie (2019-05-22)
    The world is slowly but surely going digital. Information is increasingly being stored digitally, and so are our personal information. The concept of digital identity is not a new one. It has been experimented with in ...
  • Human counting using low-end thermal imager 

    Seet, Jerrold (2019-05-22)
    Human counting has been used in the market to help the company access the human traffic. It also has been to find out the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. It also can be used in the shopping mall shop to find out ...
  • Virtual reality puzzle game 

    Kuan, Ji Jie (2019-05-22)
    There are many use case scenarios which employ the use of Virtual Reality (VR). In particular, a VR game can be used to provide insight into various facets of human behaviour. This project demonstrates how a convincing ...

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