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  • Cognitive data analysis 

    Xie, Zesheng (2019-04-22)
    Cognitive Analytics apply human-like intelligence to specific tasks and bring together many intelligent technologies, including semantics, artificial intelligence algorithms, deep learning, and machine learning and removes ...
  • Data recommendation engine for a mobile-based research community social network platform 

    Nurhayati (2019-04-21)
    Android phone users have been increasing over the years. Due to this reason, developers have developed much interest in Android mobile development. In this project, Academic Community (in short “AcKuu”) application is ...
  • Generative models for speech emotion synthesis 

    Raj, Nathanael S. (2019-04-20)
    Several attempts have been made to synthesize speech from text. However, existing methods tend to generate speech that sound artificial and lack emotional content. In this project, we investigate using Generative Adversarial ...
  • Scene text recognition 

    Muhammad Afiq Osman (2019-04-20)
    Scene text recognition problem has recently seen interest within the deep learning community. Solving such a problem will inevitably open paths to more exciting inventions in the future such as for robotic navigation. ...
  • Indoor fingerprint collection and analysis based on Wifi 

    Ijaz Ahmed Mohamed Rameez (2019-04-20)
    Fingerprint collection and analysis can be used for location-based services which requires a greater standard for positioning technology. Recently outdoor positioning is a success. But indoor positioning technologies ...
  • IOT : development of a home automation system 2 

    Lim, Jia Hao (2019-04-20)
    Home automation is slowly gaining popularity among users in recent years due to its benefits and with the rapid surge of the aging population in Singapore, home automation system will help in providing care for the elderlies ...
  • Designing a security evaluation tool for Blockchain smart contracts 

    Han, Xing Jie (2019-04-20)
    Past security incidents of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain has proved to be disastrous - incurring losses of upwards of a few hundred million USD to date. As the attacks occurred due to semantic errors in smart ...
  • QR code based queueing assistance in Android 

    Heng, Zhi Guang (2019-04-20)
    Quezee is a powerful Android application that utilize QR code to generate a queue number for customer in the restaurant. Live updates of queue status are provided to customer. Quezee allow customer to view the menus, order ...
  • Classroom management and curriculum development with NFC 

    Syahri Ikram Ismail (2019-04-19)
    The changing trajectory in the pedagogy of learning with the influx of Internet of Things (IoT) amplifies the need for education to keep pace with the paradigm shift. Utilizing one of the fundamental members of IoT, the ...
  • Escape game design and implementation - III 

    Ranjit Binu Rani (2019-04-19)
    This project was focused on the game development of an escape game for NTU students, alumni and prospective students. It studied the impact playing the game had on the stress levels of university students and aims to help ...
  • Proof-of-concept Blockchain application for private marketplace 

    Tan, Wei Hsing (2019-04-19)
    Technology advancement has improved rapidly throughout the years, and popular e-commerce marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon are able to provide more options to consumers than before. As a result, the potential of e-commerce ...
  • Dynamic energy monitoring for smart devices using IoT 

    Liu, Zhiwei (2019-04-18)
    Excessive energy consumption has become one of the severe challenges facing the planet. Scientists are investigating various areas to find a solution. Solar power, hydro and other renewable resources are expected to ...
  • AI based stock market trending analysis 

    Ng, Jun Hao (2019-04-17)
    In recent years, stock market trending analysis and prediction have become one of the more popular research areas due to the high returns of the stock market. With the dynamic nature of the stock market, various theories ...
  • The hidden shrines of Singapore : mapping and narrating multi-religious heritages 

    Liu, Bryan Jihao (2019-04-17)
    The Hidden Shrines of Singapore is a digital humanities research project that aims to document and explore different shrines in Singapore with the use of augmented reality. Additionally, due to the success of documenting ...
  • Software for a smart thermodynamics-based fast battery analyser/charger 

    Rao, Abhinav (2019-04-15)
    Batteries have begun to play a very important role in our lives. Their application ranges from small capacity, single use cells to large capacity packs (in-development) capable of independently powering energy requirements ...
  • Navigational methods in 3D virtual environments 

    Fu, Zi Xiang (2019-04-15)
    3D virtual environments are created to simulate 3D space in computers. They are created for many uses, such as gaming and virtual reality. There are various game engines that can create such environment. Objects will also ...
  • Deep learning architectures for object detection with applications to MRI scans 

    Ng, Tze Yang (2019-03-26)
    This report presents the results detailing the effectiveness of the Single Shot Multibox Detector (SSD) [4] in detecting brain tumor objects from T1 weighted MRI scans. The report will first detail an extensive literature ...
  • Learning evolutionary and virulence patterns of influenza viruses 

    Tan, Tosy Ying Jie (2018)
    Without any warnings, influenzas can strike and take away the precious lives of both humans as well as livestock. They are deadly, uninvited and severe. It still remains as a blur amongst experts on how such viruses can ...
  • Mining evolutionary network of influenza viruses : pipeline for co-mutational analysis of influenza viruses’ sequences 

    Lim, Chun Wei (2018)
    Influenza is a persistent threat to humans, resulting in millions of cases of severe illnesses and about 250,000 to 500,000 deaths. Consequently, it also causes tremendous economic losses as vaccines are produced yearly ...
  • Memory encryption-decryption in embedded systems 

    Tan, Xuan Yi (2018)
    Memory authentication is becoming more important in embedded systems as off chip memories are prone to security attacks. To maintain integrity of data in external memories, the data are hashed to provide a checksum, and ...

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