Submission procedures for students' works

Students are to submit the full text of their final year reports, theses and dissertation to the Library Digital Repository,  DR-NTU at  DR-NTU is an online digital archive that stores and provides access to academic and research publications of staff and students of NTU.  Students' work will be stored in the restricted portion of the Repository where access is given to only NTU staff and students.  This is a guideline for submission of works by students.

1.       Who it applies to

This submission procedure applies to the following groups of students:

  1. Final year students are to submit the final version of their final year project (FYP) / applied research project (ARP) reports in full text to the DR-NTU.
  2. Higher degree students obtaining their Master degree by coursework and who opt to submit a dissertation as part of their course requirements need to submit their dissertation in full text to DR-NTU.
  3. PhD students and students pursuing higher degrees by research need to submit their theses/dissertations.

Students' works which are considered by schools to be confidential (e.g. those that contain proprietary or sensitive information of collaborating parties) are exempted from submission to DR-NTU.  Your supervisor or school will inform you if you are not required to submit.

2.       When to submit

Submit the report/thesis/dissertation to the DR-NTU once it has been approved by your academic supervisor.  For actual dates, please refer to guidelines from your school.

3.       How to prepare your document for submission

  1. Orientate your page layout to portrait style.
  2. Convert the full text of your report/thesis/dissertation to unsecured PDF format.
  3. Submit your report/thesis/dissertation as 1 single file (e.g. put appendices, tables, bibliography, etc., together and not as separate items).
  4. Accompanying materials (e.g. photo journal, video, audio, etc) in digital format are to be uploaded as separate files, preferably in common multimedia formats. Please keep each file below 100MB. If you have a file that is larger than 100MB, split up the file into a few smaller files.

4.        How to submit to the Repository

  1. When your document is prepared, go to DR-NTU site.
  2. Click on My DR-NTU Login to sign in using your student network account.

  3. Please note:

      • Do not use your full email address (i.e. omit "")
      • Do not specify domain (i.e. omit "student\")

    • Click on the option "Start a new submission".
    • Choose the appropriate heading under the abbreviated name of your school, e.g. CEE student reports or HSS theses.
    • Follow the instruction on the screen and enter all the necessary information.
    • You will be instructed to upload the file.
    • Log out of the system on completion of the submission.

5.       Who to contact for clarification and problems

If you encounter any problems or require clarification, please email