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  • Proceedings of the URECA@NTU 2017-2018 

    Students of URECA Programme (2019-04-23)
    Proceedings of the URECA@NTU 2017-18 is a compilation of selected URECA and FYP-URECA research papers, submitted by the URECA students of 2017-18, and under the supervision of their respective URECA professors.
  • Shoulder functional performance status of trained female volleyball athletes 

    Ang, Yujing (2019-04-23)
    Volleyball is a sport that requires repetitive overhead motions, where female athletes are at higher risks of incurring shoulder injuries. With an elevated risk of injury, it is important that female volleyball athletes ...
  • Improving systemic risk frameworks in South Korea 

    Lim, Jasper Seng Leong; Lim, Jerry Wen Xing; Taepan Kanjanaporn (2019-04-23)
    Following the 2008 financial crisis, Korean regulators have been focused on addressing the shortcomings in their frameworks designed to monitor systemic risk in the financial system. In this paper, we show that the ...
  • IOT : development of a home automation system 1 

    Peh, Wei Sheng (2019-04-23)
    The main objective of this final year project is to build and simulate a bedroom automation system. The components consist of a breadboard, Arduino board, etc. More details will be explained in this report. Technology ...
  • Single-domain fine-grained sentiment analysis 

    Wang, Yiqi (2019-04-23)
    Fine-grained sentiment analysis has attracted a great deal of attention recently due to its various applications and related challenging research topics. One of the main tasks is to extract both sentiment words and topic ...

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