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  • Analysis of certificate of entitlement bidding system in Singapore 

    Chua, Wei Feng (2019-12-02)
    Auctions are one of the important mechanisms in which optimal allocation to individuals can be achieved. In this paper, the COE bidding system was analyzed under the Independent Private Value model and thereafter categorized ...
  • Penalized quantile regression for ΔCoVaR 

    Zhu, Jianfei (2019)
    We proposed applying penalized quantile regression for computing ΔCoVaR, which is the change of value at risk (VaR) of the financial system conditional on an institution being under distress compared to median state. ...
  • Spectral-element simulations of local seismic wave propagation 

    Chey, Chun Fei (2019)
    This report serves to investigate the relationship between seismic wave propagation among nearby receiver stations via simulations based on the Spectral Element Method. The Spectral Element Method is chosen in favour of ...
  • Binding of dsRNAs by PNAs containing Q, modified Q and 2-thio Uracil monomers 

    Lina Nur Lyana Abdul Rahim (2019)
    Peptide nucleic acids (PNAs) have been developed as chemical probes and therapeutic ligands in RNA duplex recognition. PNAs bind to ribonucleic acid (RNA) duplexes via complementary Hoogsteen hydrogen bonding to form ...
  • 3D printing of morphing composite materials 

    Puthanveetil, Shanthini (2019)
    In the recent years, composites have been widely studied thanks to their interesting properties and unique applications. One such innovative and novel approach is the development of bi-stable composites that exhibit a fast ...

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