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  • Investigation of foot biomechanics for barefoot running footwear using finite element method 

    Li, Yuhua (2016-05-27)
    At present, most of the research carried out on barefoot running were concentrated on the experimental investigations especially in kinematic and kinetic studies on barefoot running and shod running. Generally, it is not ...
  • Understanding talent flux - analysing job posts to understand economic activities 

    Beh, Wei Siang (2018-04-20)
    In Singapore, several online job portals provide a service for interested job applicants by hosting employer posted job advertisements. Although users of these services could perform a job query with a keyword search and ...
  • Data and mobile device protection 

    See, Xin Yee (2018-04-20)
    In the 21st century, technology is developing rapidly, millions or billions of people in the world revolve and depending on modern latest technology developments. Hence, this has improved the world by providing a convenient ...
  • Software for a smart thermodynamics-based fast battery analyser/charger 

    Chin, Tian Boon (2018-04-20)
    Batteries are indisputably one of the quintessential product in our daily life. They come in many forms ranging from portable to gigantic size units which are responsible in powering up products such as our hand-held ...
  • Brain control games and applications 

    Darmaja, Natalia (2018-04-20)
    Brain-computer interface (BCI) is a study of direct communication between human brain and computer. Several types of BCI devices incorporate electroencephalography (EEG) technology. EEG-based BCI captures the pattern of ...

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